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Meet Our Dog Training Experts: About Rebecca

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Rebecca Chadwick   |  J9's K9's Dog Training

Dog Training Expert Rebecca Chadwick graduated from Monmouth University, NJ with a Master of Arts degree in Psychology. She relocated to Southern CA and apprenticed with Janine Pierce, owner of J9s K9s Dog Training.

She began teaching in 2001 and now instructs group classes and offers private in-home training for J9's K9s Dog Training. Becky also works closely with the North Star Foundation, a nonprofit that breeds, trains, and places golden retrievers with children who have developmental disabilities, autism, physical challenges, or emotional problems:

"Dog Trainer Becky Chadwick of J9's K9s was brought on board at North Star Dogs to guide the pups' early training program and is currently training the pups a blocking technique to help them to block their children's impending flight.

At North Star we believe in the power of early bonding and seize the opportunity to begin to educate the children about how to care for their dog right from the start."

Rebecca is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and is owned by Hector, a 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier!

Dog Training Expert Janine PierceJanine Pierce
J9's K9's Dog Training

Dog Trainer Janine Pierce is the owner and founder of the well-known J9’s K9s Dog Training, Inc, where Rebecca, and many other professionals, provide group and personal-home dog training. 

Based in Southern California, since Janine started the company in 1998, her motivational and reward-based dog training techniques have helped 1,000's of dogs and their human companions enjoy better relationships.

Many J9’s K9s students have gone on to become Therapy Dogs, Crisis Response K9s, successful competitors in dog sports - - and stars in their own right. J9’s K9s sees an average of two hundred dogs each week in group classes and private consultations, where all find that you can “Learn While You Play!”

A professional member of APDT, Janine has been training dogs since she was 14 years old, and is an accomplished competitor in performance dog sports. She has studied with many renowned dog trainers over the years, both here and in the U.K. Janine has served on the boards of several training organizations.

She has appeared in multiple facets of the media, both in film and in print, speaking at conferences for national veterinary and rescue associations, being featured in and writing articles for national publications, starring in a film short for Buena Vista entitled “Train Your Dog”, sharing wisdom about canines on the Fine Living Channel, and more .

While most often you will find Janine busy training dogs, you can see her every Saturday on CBS’s nationally syndicated television show “Dog Tales.

Janine currently resides in the north San Fernando Valley, with her husband, three dogs, and two very naughty cats!

Dog Training Expert Rebecca Chadwick
Web Sites:
J9’s K9s Dog Training, Inc
  ° Founder, Janine Pierce
Certified Trainer:
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)


Rebecca is a featured guest-trainer on
The Dog Whisperer 2 - Solving Common Behavior Problems for Puppies and Dogs DVD.
Watch a sample of Becky in action:
Watch J9s K9s profiled on Today in LA
regarding training for Water Safety:
For full dog training sessions, visit our complete
Video On Demand dog training Library.
Be sure to catch Janine every Saturday!
J9's K9s Agility Class!
North Star Dogs Program
Since Becky is so active with North Star, watch Collin - a child with a developmental disorder- interact with his North Star dog! Selection of appropriate temperament is explored, and training techniques to promote bonding, shadowing, and tracking are considered and provided.
Dog Training Video Clip


J9'sK9s uses motivational, reward-based training methods. 

“We incorporate lots of food, petting, praise and play in our dog training. Motivational training is a wonderful relationship builder between canines and humans. Not only do reward-based dog training methods work the best - they're a heck of a lot more fun!” - JP

Visit J9's K9's Dog Training web site here.

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