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The Dog Whisperer: Dog Training Articles

Please feel free to reproduce these dog-related articles on your web site, provided the author bio and link back to our web site are included with each article. If you use these dog training articles, a courtesy notification by Email would be appreciated, as well as a link to where the dog training article(s) can be found on your web site.

DOG-RELATED ARTICLES - by Dog Whisperer Paul Owens

Top ten tips for successful dog training

The Power of Positive Dog Training

Dog Parks - Pros and Cons

The Fido Factor: Positive Dog Training as a Model for Success in Relationships,
Business, and Self-improvement

Dog's Worst Holiday

The Dominance Myth in Dog Training

Simple Prevention Strategies to Protect Your Companion Animals from Predators

How Dogs Learn

How to Speak Dog

Is Your Dog Self-Employed?

TALES FROM THE DOG SIDE - by Dog Whisperer Paul Owens

How Animal-Assisted Therapy Helped Thomas Walk Tall

Melissa's Story

A Trainer's Tale

DOG-RELATED ARTICLES - by Contributing Authors

Save a life during "National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month"
by Kimberly Zlatin © 2005

Hurricane Katrina: A Lesson in Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Dog
by Kimberly Zlatin © 2005

Jeff Probst, host of Survivor, says...

Dog Training Testimonial

"Paul Owens is hands-down the BEST
dog trainer I have ever worked with!"

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