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"I just want to say that I have always wanted to be a dog trainer and I have read every dog training book I can get my paws on, but I only listen to what I feel fits with Paul's philosophy. No other book of mine is as well used as The Dog Whisperer. It is my dog training bible.

I train my friends dogs as a hobby right now. (I'm 26.) About three and a half weeks ago I got myself my first dog (besides strays). He is a purebred Jack Russell whom I will be taking to shows. I now use the book more than ever.

I recommend your site/book to everyone I know who has questions about dog training. (The whole "...give a man a fish..." thing.) When I have my own dog training business you can be sure that the number one book I will order for my clients to buy will be The Dog Whisperer (Paul Owens).

Your site should say The TRUE Dog Whisperer."

- Your devoted followers,
Misty S. Bone & "Echo"

The Dog Whisperer DVD - Puppy & Dog Behavior Training

The Dog Whisperer DVD - Vol. 2 - Solving Common Behavior Problems for Puppies and Dogs

The Dog Whisperer DVD - Vol. 2
Solving Common Behavior Problems for Puppies and Dogs

Over 2 1/2 hours of Dog Training Sessions on 2 DVDs!

Introducing the much-anticipated sequel to The Dog Whisperer's first dog training DVD, The Dog Whisperer: Beginning & Intermediate Training for Puppies and Dogs. In this new 2-disc set, dog training expert Paul Owen's explains why dogs and puppies get into trouble in the first place, and offers step-by-step solutions to many common behavior problems including:

Indoor Dog Behavior Problems:

Barking or Whining Begging at Table
Bolting Out the Door Chewing, Destruction & Stealing
Getting on Furniture Housetraining
Jumping Mouthing, Nipping & Biting

Outdoor Dog Behavior Problems:

Barking in Yard Digging
Eating Forbidden Items Lunging/Pulling on Leash
Meeting Other Dogs

Menu-driven, organized format. Extras include:

Clicker Training Rewards & Weaning of Treats
Tether Safety

Safety in Yards and on Walks

Kennel (Crate) Training ...and much more!
Some solutions presented on this new dog training DVD set require a beginning level of proficiency in basic behaviors as taught on Paul's first dog training DVD - The Dog Whisperer: Beginning & Intermediate Training for Puppies and Dogs.

Please Note: Dog behavior problems involving aggression require evaluation by a professional dog training expert and are beyond the scope of this dog training DVD. Consult your veterinarian and a professional dog trainer who uses positive training methods. We will be adding a directory of local professionals for your convenience in the coming months.

Kudos for Dog Training Expert Paul Owens - the Original Dog Whisperer!
"Paul shows you how to work with your dog with respectful techniques – no need for force, fear or intimidation. I use them with my own dogs as well as the dogs I instruct. Paul Owens’ techniques work … and they are pleasant for the owners to use!”
- The Pet Teacher; Michigan, US
"Rated the best DVD on basic training of pets and highly recommended!"
- Chronicle of the Dog, newsletter of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
"Paul Owens' three-step method of positive dog training is the answer millions have been waiting for. A remarkable and most welcome achievement!"
- Mary Brennan, D.V.M, Author of The Natural Dog
"The Dog Whisperer's compassionate, scientifically grounded training methods yield amazing results. This DVD will benefit millions of dogs and their humans for decades to come!”
- Wendy Weicker, Ph.D., Clinical Child Psychologist


All dog training products purchased at DogWhispererDVD.com are backed by our
30-day Money Back Guarantee.

For details and complete ordering information: dog training products

Jeff Probst, host of Survivor, says...

Dog Training Testimonial

"Paul Owens is hands-down the BEST
dog trainer I have ever worked with!"

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