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The Original Dog Whisperer Paul Owens
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Meet Our Dog Training Experts: About Paul

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Paul Owens  |  The Original Dog Whisperer

Paul Owens, is the author of three books: the best selling, The Dog Whisperer; A Compassionate Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training (Adams Media) which has sold over 300,000 copies all over the world, The Puppy Whisperer and The Dog Whisperer presents: Good Habits for Great Dogs. He also produced and is featured on the Dog Whisperer DVDs, Volumes One and Two, which have met with acclaim from such notables as the former Senior Scholar of the Humane Society of the United States. The Dog Whisperer book was rated a “classic” by the Whole Dog Journal and the Dog Whisperer DVD was reviewed as “the best DVD on basic training of pets for the pet owner…” in the APDT newsletter: Chronicle of the Dog.

Paul began training dogs in 1972. He has long been nationally recognized as a leading proponent of positive, nonviolent animal training in the United States, promoting kindess, respect, and compassion. He has taught thousands of families and individuals to improve the dog-human relationship using non-violent means. His programs are unique in that stress management methods for humans are presented as part of the classes. Revolutionary, humane, & logical approaches to raising & training promise to make training your dog the most positive and successful experience possible!

Paul is the director of Raise with Praise dog training, and the founder/director of the childrenís after-school, violence prevention program, Paws for Peace. Paul has practiced and taught yoga in the United States and India for over 35 years.

Paulís specialty is in the evaluation and behavior modification of aggressive dogs and he is frequently consulted and referred by veterinarians. His public service work includes bite prevention programs for children and monthly dog training seminars at area Humane Societies and shelters. Paul has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including PBSís Pets Part of the Family and the nationally syndicated Pet Files. His articles and interviews have appeared in several local and national magazines, including Self, Animal Wellness Magazine, Bark magazine, The Pet Press, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, LA Parent, The Burbank Leader, The Whole Dog Journal, The Yoga Journal, Alaskan Airlines Magazine and many others.

Paul Says...

"I believe nonviolence fosters nonviolence. Because of the link between dog and human behavior, nonviolent dog training contributes to helping build a world of peace for humans and dogs. When people, especially children, are successful using nonviolent methods with animals, they feel good about themselves and they are encouraged to have a kinder, more positive attitude with their friends, family, and the environment."



The Dog Whisperer DVD - Beginning & Intermediate Dog Training for Puppies and Dogs

The Dog Whisperer DVD - Vol. 1
Beginning & Intermediate
Dog Training for Puppies and Dogs

Dog Whisperer DVD
Vol. 1 details

The Dog Whisperer DVD - Vol. 2 - Solving Common Behavior Problems for Puppies and Dogs

The Dog Whisperer DVD - Vol. 2
Solving Common Behavior Problems for Puppies and Dogs (2-disc Program)

Dog Whisperer DVD
Vol. 2 details

The Dog Whisperer Dog Training Book

The Dog Whisperer (2nd Ed.)
A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training
Dog Training Book

Dog Whisperer book details

The Puppy Whisperer Puppy Training Book The Puppy Whisperer
A Compassionate, Nonviolent Guide to Early Training & Care
Puppy Training Book

Puppy Whisperer book details

Kudos for Dog Training Expert Paul Owens - the Original Dog Whisperer:
"I just want to say that I have always wanted to be a dog trainer and I have read every dog training book I can get my paws on, but I only listen to what I feel fits with Paul's philosophy. No other book of mine is as well used as The Dog Whisperer. It is my dog training bible!

I train my friends dogs as a hobby right now. (I'm 26.) About three and a half weeks ago I got myself my first dog (besides strays). He is a purebred Jack Russell whom I will be taking to shows. I now use the book more than ever.

I recommend your site/book to everyone I know who has questions about dog training. When I have my own dog training business you can be sure that the number one book I will order for my clients to buy will be The Dog Whisperer!

Your site should say The TRUE Dog Whisperer!"

- Your devoted followers, Misty S. Bone & "Echo"
"A truly enlightened approach to raising and training your dog!"
- Jack Canfield, Founder and CEO, Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc.
"Owens' nonviolent process will help prevent dogs from developing various behavioral and psychological problems, which can be difficult to treat later in life.”
- Dr. Michael W. Fox, Senior Scholar, Bioethics, The Humane Society of the U.S., Washington, D.C.
"Paul's bestselling book, The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training, deserves a place of honor on the shelf of every positive dog owner and trainer."
- Whole Dog Journal
"Paul shows you how to work with your dog with respectful techniques – no need for force, fear or intimidation. I use them with my own dogs as well as the dogs I instruct. Paul Owens’ techniques work … and they are pleasant for the owners to use!”
- The Pet Teacher; Michigan, US
"Rated the best DVD on basic training of pets and highly recommended!"
- Chronicle of the Dog, newsletter of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
"Paul Owens' three-step method of positive dog training is the answer millions have been waiting for. A remarkable and most welcome achievement!"
- Mary Brennan, D.V.M, Author of The Natural Dog
"The Dog Whisperer's compassionate, scientifically grounded training methods yield amazing results. This DVD will benefit millions of dogs and their humans for decades to come!”
- Wendy Weicker, Ph.D., Clinical Child Psychologist


In November, 1991, I drove up from Florida to Youngstown, Ohio to adopt a Portuguese Water Dog. I didn’t know what puppy from the litter I was going to choose but as I was playing with 4 of the puppies, out of the corner of my eye I saw a puppy huddling under the table. I asked about her and the breeder suggested I choose one of the other 4 as that puppy wasn’t very social with people or the other puppies. As soon as I heard that I immediately chose her. She was 10 weeks old. Her full name was Molly Mas Macho.

There were some rough times growing up, especially when her aggression was so bad she’d break through the screen and try and bite little old ladies who were walking home from the bus stop. And she’d act like Cujo if someone came close to the car. But I told her that no matter what, I’d stick by her. And she slowly found herself.

We did a little competition training, a little agility and some water training. We pretended to hunt at the local preserve which means she chased squirrels and ducks. She never caught one but she was very proud she was able to keep them off the ground.

We went to waterdog camp where she learned to jump out of canoes and off piers, swim underwater and retrieve stuff. She was a tremendous swimmer.

We traveled around the country doing seminars and she loved the motels.

But her all-time favorite thing was visiting grade schools. My Paws for Peace program teaches children to be kind to one another by being kind to dogs. Molly was the star.

As the years passed, her eyesight began to deteriorate. While we were making a presentation in a grade school, she was asked to do her favorite trick of answering the phone and then throwing it in a waste basket when I said the words "bill collector." But I knew something was wrong when she missed her target. It took her three tries but she persevered and finally completed the trick. That was the last time she could see a waste basket. She went night blind at the age of 7. And she was totally blind at the age of 8. But she didn’t seem to care.

We spent 8 more wonderful, joyful years together. More than 16 in all. She helped teach all my other dogs what it meant to be a dog…and what it meant for me to be a better human…have fun, live in the moment and love everybody. She was simply awesome. I was blessed beyond words when she chose me.

Here’s to celebrating Molly.

Molly Owens
Born Sept. 28, 1991
Jumped over heaven’s gate
Thursday, May 15, 2008
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