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"Paul shows you how to work with your dog with respectful techniques – no need for force, fear or intimidation. I use them with my own dogs as well as the dogs I instruct. Paul Owens’ techniques work … and they are pleasant for the owners to use!”

- The Pet Teacher
Michigan, US

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In order to make for a fully comprehensive training experience, other trainers books, DVDs, and products are added - trainers who only provide positive training in various areas. 

Paul has selected from the World's Top Professional Dog Trainers and Experts to provide needed information for any type of instance or training question. 

We provide a resource considered unrivaled in expertise, ease of training, and most importantly, a positive approach that is guaranteed to work!


The Dog Whisperer Video On Demand Puppy Training Video Library is temporarily under construction.

Please refer to our dog & puppy training products section for dog & puppy training DVDs, books, tools, toys and online dog & puppy training video packages!

For free dog & puppy training video clips, click here.

Jeff Probst, host of Survivor, says...

Dog Training Testimonial

"Paul Owens is hands-down the BEST
dog trainer I have ever worked with!"

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