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So many people - including some of the so-called dog training experts - train their dogs the wrong way. So no wonder few really achieve the results they desire. If you want your dog to obey your every command and do as you wish, you have to stimulate his or her brain.  The Course By Adrienne Farricelli Will Help You Achieve Just That!

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At Dog Whisperer Dvd, we take the wellbeing of dogs and puppies very seriously. We only advocate the use of proven training techniques that are safe on your pets.

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Whether you are training a dog for the first time or you have been doing it for some time now, Our well-researched articles and guides will help you better train your puppies

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Enjoy our articles knowing that we do intensive research on our methods and techniques before sharing them.

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Whining In Dogs

Does your dog whine annoyingly? Well, you are not alone. Whining is one of the most common behavioral problems of puppies. It can be tricky to reduce and stop. Find out how to can stop your dog from whining Here.

Get Your Dog To Listen To You

Having a dog who would not listen when you call or give commands can be frustrating. Not least because you will find it difficult if not impossible to train them properly. Read here to learn how you can get your puppy to listen to you.

The Dominance Myth

As we stated above, even seasoned dog trainers can get it wrong when it comes to proper training techniques. So many trainers still rely on the dominance theory to train dogs. In this article, we explain to you why the dominance theory is a myth.

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A "group Of Experts" put together a supposedly fascinating guide that they believe could help you potty train Your puppy in seven days.

The guide is a simple e-book that contains seemingly highly effective ways of housebreaking puppies. Even older Dogs.

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Dog Training Experts

This is quite an unusual sort of review. Yes, we are actually going to review even dog training professionals on this site.

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