Brain Training For Dogs Review: Is This Really The Best For Your Canine?

The best course for dog training

Having a badly behaved dog is not fun.

As dog owners, we know too well, the stress of having to live with an aggressive and or disobedient dog.

Your solution? Get a professional dog trainer for your canine?

well, not quiet!

As doing so these days isn't a simple issue. Not least because of the cost involved.

And to complicate matters, many of the available online dog training courses hardly work.

They are hard to follow. Some are too shallow to be effective. And many only preach outdated dog training techniques.

All these make dog owners like myself quiet skeptic about these online dog training courses

So, I was surprised when a fellow skeptic recommended Adrienne Farricelli's brain training for dogs course to me.

I had complained to him about my dog's behavior. I struggled to establish a healthy relationship with him. He was too aggressive and stubborn.

My friend told me he had had to deal with a similar situation. And that Adrienne Farricelli's brain training for dogs program was the savior.

After hesitating at first, I researched the course comprehensively and finally decided to purchase it.

I am glad I took the decision.

At least, In this brain training for dogs review, I would take you behind the scenes and reveal to you what the training is all about and whether it is worth the "hype".

The author teaches you how you can use science-based, gently, and force-free techniques to help you correct bad behaviors in dogs by mentally stimulating them with fun and interesting brain games and exercises.

The course is packed with quality and highly effective puppy/dog training methods you can use to safely get your dog to obey your commands.

Now let’s thoroughly Examine Brain Training For Dogs.

Ready? Let’s go

Who's is Adrienne Farricelli?

adrienne about to play the plane game with her dog

Before looking at the course, we must discuss the face behind it.

Let me be blunt with you here:

Never take advice on dog behavior matters from any person other than a certified dog trainer with the needed experience. If the person is not a known certified dog trainer, ignore them.

This is very important. I can't stress it enough.

Let me explain why;

Not everyone can offer acceptable advice and guidance on how you can effectively offer brain training for dogs in your house.

The wrong information and guidance will only make training your dog more difficult - the last thing you want when you are dealing with your dog's behavior problems.

You can even end up making your dog more aggressive, disobedient and stubborn

The Author's Credential

Adrienne Farricelli is certified as a dog trainer and behavior consultant by the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).

Her CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed) certification means that she has at least three hundred (300) hours of dog training experience and has successfully taken comprehensive exams on the matter.

She's also been certified by the Italian Association For Dog Trainers And Canine Consultants.

She has proven her worth as a certified dog trainer with more than a decade of experience in this field. 

She's trained and worked with several dogs. Including therapy and service dogs. She's that experienced and trusted.

From the above, it is pretty obvious that Adrienne Farricelli is qualified on paper and can offer reasonable advice on brain training of canines.

But Should You Listen to Her?

The answer to this is simple. YES. You should.

 Why? you may ask.....

The thing about even well-known and respected certified dog trainers is that some of them still hold on to outdated and not so helpful training techniques.

The pack theory and the discredited dominance myth is still a thing with them.

Modern research has disproved these theories time and again.

They are hardly ever effective. Their effect is temporary and would not make your dog any better.

Many of the dog training materials available online hardly discuss brain training for dogs in detail and in a satisfactory manner.

I review so many training for dogs courses to know this.

This where Adrienne Farricelli comes in.

Her style is different. She's purely a science-based trainer. Her methods are force-free and gentle.

Training Approach

The brain training for dogs system has one important goal; 

To unleash the undiscovered gem (intelligence) in your pal using fun games with dogs.

These promote the mental stimulation of dogs. Enabling dog owners to effortlessly and effectively deal with behavior problems.

Indeed, this should be the default approach of anyone who claims to be a good dog trainer worth their salt.

Never underestimate a fully and properly stimulated dog’s brain. It can do wonders.

Adrienne Farricelli has written about this - gently and force-free training techniques for dogs - on many reputable online sites such as The Daily Puppy, USA Today, Paw Nation, E-How, and Every Dog Magazine.

So yes, we are talking about a well-known dog trainer here who you can be sure will help teach you effective ways of training your dog to listen and obey simple commands.

Since we now know Adrienne has the right and justified dog training techniques,

it is important to take a deep dive into my detailed review now to see whether this seemingly great training course is that good.

Truth is,

She may know the right stuff but may not be able to present her knowledge in a way that makes it appealing and acceptable training for dog owners.

You are here because you are keen on finding the right training material for your dog.

Let’s start with how Brain Training for dogs is structured.

The membership Area

As I said earlier, the brain training for dogs course is about establishing a sincere, strong, and lasting bond between you and your dog by using games with dogs.

These games help with dog's mental stimulation. Making them more intelligent. You are challenging your dog’s mind to make him or her better.

Meaning, your dog will follow your commands. And do as you say.

No more frustration with dogs' behavior problems. 

The membership area of the course is designed to achieve this.

1. First on the Menu is the Dog Training and Courses option.

Under this, you will find the Brain Training for Dogs program and other valuable resources.

The lessons in these training materials are easy to follow.

The author has wittingly divided the training into different categories based on the difficulty of each.

The first 3 levels - Preschool, elementary and high school - are fairly easy to follow.

You shouldn't have much trouble going through them with your dogs.

Here your dog will learn stuff such as the basic but important obedient commands. The foundation needed for effective training of dogs of any kind.

The college and University levels are the difficult levels.


If you follow the order in which the lessons are presented, before you arrive here, you should be in a position to go through them with relative ease.

The last level is;

the Einstein Module.

train your dog to be obedient

After college and University graduation, your dog will learn the tips and tricks that will make him or her the Einstein of dogs.

Yes. It is possible. You can achieve this for your dogs at the end of the training.

The interface of the member area is very clean and simple. It is very intuitive.

The levels are presented in a very orderly manner.

Each lesson comes with videos and text and pictures. You can easily follow the lessons with little to no problem.

The text is concise and easy to follow. No fluff. And together with the pictures, they make the perfect material for brain training for dogs.

The training videos are wonderful. You can't go wrong with those practical demonstrations.

The structure of each lesson is straightforward:

Introduction: The stuff you will need to get for that lesson and exercise and what to expect from it.

The Training: You are taught the best way to perform the exercise

Trouble Shoot: This is one of the features that make the whole training outstanding. This is where Adrienne Faricelli helps you figure out what's going wrong and what you can do to fix the problem.

You are also presented with alternative ways of performing the games to achieve the desired results.

Upping the game: This is where you increase the challenge. Helping you to teach your dog how to utilize the skills he or she has just learned in other areas.

If you master this part well, you will feel like a legit professional dog trainer yourself.

Follow the training and your dog will lie down quietly when you are busy with other stuff.

The lessons are comprehensive. In that before every lesson, the author lists the things you will need to successfully carry out each fun game about dogs.

She even provides you with alternatives. None of the materials is hard to find. And getting them should not cost you an arm and leg.

Obedience 101

I advise that you start with this section. It is just under the main brain training for dogs option in the drop-down menu.

Though to anyone with little experience in training dogs, it might seem too basic.

But do not skip it.

Go through it diligently. And until your dog master all those basic commands, do not graduate him or her to preschool.

I will explain why.

Commands such as sit, drop it, take it, leave it, stay and healing are very important.

They could be the difference between grave danger and safety. If your dog can't understand any of these, you would not get much from the brain training exercises and fun games.

You wouldn't achieve much at all from any form of dog training course. Talk less of training that focuses on your dog’s brain.

Imagine your dog about to chew on poison and you are not near enough to physically prevent it.

The leave it commands will be a lifesaver here. If your dog doesn't understand it, things will go bad.

The concept of lures and how to use them appropriately is discussed comprehensively under this section

That is why I recommend you start with this section first. And then make sure your dog passes the exams before you move to the next.

Under the dog training and courses, Adrienne also takes her time to make you a great dog owner.

This is how:

Mastering The Art of Brain Training for Dogs

Adrienne Farricelli understands that you will need to know your ropes to be able to use the brain games for the mental stimulation of your dogs.

So, she dedicates a section of the training program to teach you how to teach your dog to obey you.

You will learn dog training 101 here: clicker training techniques.

training a small dog

She demonstrates to you how you should approach your canines with treats to avoid any accident.

You will understand the difference between verbal cues and hand signals.

You will also be able to identify which technique to use when in which situation and environment.

My personal favorite is where she teaches how to get your pal to obey you without using rewards.

Yes, using treats - especially at the start- is very important.

But it could prove counter-productive if used continuously. Nonstop.

Because you might end up training your dog to only listen to you when there are lures. The last thing you will want as a dog owner. Read more here.

At the end of this particular section, you will easily master the art of getting your puppy well behaved without having to use treats all the time.

And Talking of Puppies...

Here is a surprise for you

2. Puppy Training

The second thing on the main menu after the dog training and courses is a whole category on puppy training.

Here, Adrienne Farricelli makes you understand the different development stages of your puppy and their significance.

Understanding your puppy will greatly help you model them to avoid behavior problems later.

You are also given a whole guide on how to house train your puppy.

One of the reasons why so many failed and become frustrated at training their dogs is because of this one size fits all mentality.

Every dog, every puppy is unique.

So, you need to thoroughly understand the unique situation of your dog and apply the appropriate unique measure.

That's why under the puppy training section, you are taught different unique issues you might encounter with your puppy and how to effectively handle them.

For example:

Why do puppies hide to poop and pee? Or peeing after coming back inside? Or refusing to potty on surfaces such as grass or not doing it in the rain?

3. The Next Category on the Menu is Behavior Problems

This is another important section that worth your attention and time.

Here you will discover the most common behavior problems. What causes them and importantly how to correct them.

What I particularly like about this section is that you understand the possible reasons as to why certain bad behavior is present in your dog. And what to do to prevent positive reinforcement of such behavior in the dog’s brain.

Let’s take whining for example.

Not every dog whine for no reason. And not every whining of a dog is for attention-seeking.

He or she may be whining for a real need like food.

So, you must understand how to make the distinction and how to solve the problem in each case.

You will learn how to approach aggression issues in dogs under this category.

You also get to understand the important psychological issues in the canine world.

Unnecessary digging, barking, jumping, and chewing are all behaviors that are not easy to handle.

And surprise surprise,

you will be able to stop all these in the membership area.

4. Next is Adrienne's Archive

Here you are granted access to the important articles she has written on common dog behavior problems and how to eliminate any accidental or deliberate positive reinforcement of those negative traits in dogs.

You can also watch Adrienne with her dog Einstein perform some amazing tricks and techniques.

As I said earlier, there isn't information overload in the brain training for dogs training materials. Everything is practical and straight to the point.

In the past, I would spend money on dog training books. And give up reading before finishing the first pages.


Most of them are just too hard to consume. It will take an incredible effort to go pass even the introductory pages.

So, seeing a respected dog trainer write in such a simple and clear manner is a breath of fresh. Her materials are really easy to decipher.

5. Case studies You can Reject

Case studies in general are very appealing. You get to see an individual practice what they preach.

I was delighted to see this section on the membership area of the brain train for dogs program.

In this section, you will see how Adrienne Faricelli handled two incredibly difficult dogs - Maggie and Sadie using the stuff she teaches in the dog training program.

Maggie had a knack for excessive jumping. She would attempt to jump over the people around her.

A problem that needed immediate attention. On this page, you can watch Adrienne solve this common but bizarre issue of jumping.

Sadie on the other hand was a rescue dog who will whine among other things. 

a dog playing a game with a person

As Adrienne explained, she had to apply fun brain games of dogs to solve these problems in them.

You may be thinking at this point, the author is a celebrated dog trainer, so it is might be easy for her to pull such success.

How can I know ordinary people have had success with brain training for dogs?

What about success stories from other members of the course?

Ask no more.

6. Let me introduce you to the Forum section of the Course:

This is huge for me personally.

I like to know and learn more about the sort of brain games other dog owners are using. How they are coping with the training in general and importantly how they are achieving success.

After all, two heads are better than one?

It is a serious community full of like-minded individuals.

You can share your journey with others. And of course, you also learn a lot from their experience.

You are surrounded by people who are on the same journey as you.

All these make the whole brain training for dogs program the more effective and appealing.

As I keep on saying, you wouldn't feel stuck with this course.

Spoiler Alert!

You can even ask your questions directly to Adrienne.

Yes. She wouldn't just take your money and leave you hanging.

And just so you know, there are so many students in this community. And I doubt whether Adrienne can continue with her one on one support forever to new members.

I encourage you to get on board while she's still able to make this important commitment to newcomers.

As you can see so far in this brain training for dogs review, it is a comprehensive training guaranteed to help you train and calmly get rid of troublesome behaviors in dogs.

Have Concerns?

Whether you are one of those owners who are frustrated with your dog stubbornness and constantly murmur " how do I mentally stimulate my dog" to yourself,

Or you wonder how you can mentally stimulate a German shepherd, Brain training for dogs is your answer.

If you are also interested in finding out about games dogs do like to play, the fun games in the program are your answer.

They will make your dog fun to train.

But wait,

Can you realistically Train your dog yourself at home?

I am a fulltime worker. My schedules are busy. My days are just too full. I may not get time to personally brain train my dog.

I get to hear these statements a lot from friends.

So, I thought I should dedicate a section of this brain training for dogs review for that question.

I understand people with that concern. I was in a similar position when I got the program.

But believe me, by setting aside just 45 minutes a day, three times a week, I was able to train my dog.

Yes, it might take some months to finish everything in the brain training for dogs course at this pace.

But if your schedule is too busy, I think it is worth it.

You do have to be patient though. Do not expect your dog to pick up everything in a very short time.

Every dog is different and unique. Just as you are. Give each other the time.

And as you will discover, you wouldn't only get a well-behaved dog, also you will increase the trust between you.

The games, tips, and techniques in the book will instill confidence in your dog. Helping both of you to get along better.

So how much do all these cost?

$3000, $1000 or $500?

None of the above.

For just $47, you will get access to all that I discussed above and many many more. The bonuses. The support. And all that.

If you ask me, I would say this is a no brainer deal.

Just that it may not stay like this forever.

You need to take action now while there is still time.

If you were to hire a trainer, you would not spend less thousand dollars. The price of this dog training program is unbeatable.

And do not forget,

As I said, after going through everything, you will legit feel like a veteran dog trainer. Really.

And to top it all, the deal is backed by the generous 60 days money-back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose.

At this stage of my review, it is natural for you to ask if the program is a hundred percent perfect course. Since I have only spoken about the things I admire about the program so far...

No. It isn't. And I do not think there is such an online dog training program that is perfect.

Pros and Cons


  • it is a science-based, gentle and force free training. The techniques are backed by modern research.
  • It cost less. I was really surprised to master so much for less. As someone who's invested in expensive dog training courses, I can tell you that nothing beat quality at cheap
  • The brain stimulation techniques taught are highly effective. And this is evident from the numerous testimonials here. Even from other certified dog trainers.


  • It requires work. You will have to work to train yourself first so as to be able to mentally stimulate your dog. You must know the basics if you hope for extra ordinary results. Thankfully, the needed materials are included in the program for your reference. If you do not have the desire of learning to work on the material, then I am afraid, this dog training course wouldn't do you any good. You may not succeed at getting rid of problem behaviors in dogs
  • It also requires patience. Let me repeat this; you will have to be patient with your dog. The needs of every puppy is quite different. You can't ignore this.And again, the author has done her best to include the troubleshooting section for you. It is a handy area that will make your life a lot better and increase your chances of success with the program significantly.
  • You will have to follow the instructions. I will even add that you need to follow the sequence in which the materials are presented. I honestly think the lessons are built on each other. Skipping lessons and doing things randomly might make your work a lot difficult

In Conclusion

I highly recommend brain training for dogs by Adrienne Farricelli for you. It is a science-based training. I can't stress this point enough.

The methods and techniques employed by the author have been tested and proven to be very effective.

You are using lures, treats, and other rewards for the brain training of your dog.

And the good thing is that you do not have to continually resort to lures and treats to get your dog to obey and listen to you.

You are also taught how you get your pals to be in good behaviors even when there aren't treats or rewards.

And this very critical as it eliminates the possibility of making your dog over-dependent on them and ignoring you when none is available.

Indeed, this should be the goal of every professional dog trainer. Especially those who focus on brain training for dogs.

The alternatives to this way of handling problems dogs are costly and very limited in their effectiveness.

They can make your dog loose trust in you. You also risk derailing the self-confidence of dogs.

So why go with expensive methods that don't even work when you can get the desire results with far less.

The price is quite a deal too. The golden nuggets given for that price tag is just astonishing.

Let’s end this Review with some questions you may still have about this particular way of training dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I mentally stimulate My Dog with the program?

The entity of the brain training for dogs course is designed to help you make your dog intelligent. Simple.

Every piece of information, exercise, and game in the membership area is geared towards unleashing the hidden genius in your dog.

The point about this program is to teach you the best way of establishing trust and healthy bonding between you and the dog by mentally stimulating him or her to understand exactly what you want from him or her.

Through this, you get to eradicate aggressive and other unwanted behavior in him or her.

How can I make my dog fun to train Using this the brain training method?

As I said in the main body of this review of brain training for dogs, the thing that put many off online dog training programs is that they hardly teach you practical stuff you can apply to your dogs at home.

With my brain training for dogs, you get step by steps instructions on how to deal with unique situations.

You are not given generic advice and left to figure out the details on your own.

Adrienne gives you all the necessary information you will need to be able to make it a lot easier to train your dogs.

Since the methods are dogs friendly, your dog will love them right from the word go.

What games do dogs like to play?

Dogs like games that are fun and interesting.

They naturally prefer games that make them better at the end.

And that's why in the modules, the author makes sure to include the appropriate games for each level.

For example, during preschool, you are given instructions on how to use the airplane game to get your dog establishing eye contact with you and paying attention to your commands.

At the elementary school level, you introduced your pal to games such as the muffin, ball pit, and treasure hunt games.

All these will help re-enforce obedience in them.

At high school, you will learn to use jazz up and settle down, bottle games, and other similar fun games to teach the dog to control his or her impulses and exercise patience when needed.

And as you walk up the modules, more and more fun games are used to get your dogs to the Einstein stage.

At this stage, your pal will be able to put things back in order at the end of the game.

How nice!

That’s why I would not Hesitate to grade it A+ after this brain training for dogs review.

Phew... That was a long review,

I know, right!

I know that was a lot to take in. But I hope you take a lot from this review.

I did my best to lay out the reasons I think Adrienne Farricelli's brain Training for dogs is among the best online dog training programs.

The way the program is formatted is superb. You wouldn't struggle to find your way in the membership area.

The interface is very clean and neat. No clutter and the likes.

The information is a gold mine. Full of practical fun games.

I wouldn't be surprised if you finished this course – brain training for dogs - feeling like a professional trainer yourself.

That's how effective the course is.

I can also assure you that irrespective of your schedule, you can find time to follow the course. There is no pressure on you. You take the lessons at a pace that works best for you and your dogs.

I will even suggest you personalize things for yourself. Do not rush through things if your dog isn't following along.

Make sure your dog passes all the exams before starting the next lessons.

Do not underestimate the power of the troubleshooting section. It will help you determine the things you need to fix to get moving again should you stuck. It is one of the reasons why I highly recommend the course.

Let me know if your have any comments, suggestions or questions below.

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