House Train Any Dog Review: Does It Worth Your Money?

My review of house train any dog

Living with a dog who's not well potty trained can feel like a nightmare.

Not least because you will have to constantly clean your dog's accidents in your house.

Not a fun job to do.

Even if you are truly into your puppy, your tolerance of his or her mess all over your house is limited.

So how do you:

  • effectively house train any dog without breaking a sweat
  • Or teach your older dog to stop going to the bathroom inside.

Well, the authors of the house train any dog guide claim to have the answers.

They promised they could help you potty train your puppy or even your older dog of any breed in as little as 7 days.

Quite a promise to make, right?

Considering how seemingly difficult potty training dogs and puppies could be.

Well, we have your back.

We have put together this house train any dog review to help you determine whether this resource is the answer to the scattered dog’s poops in your house.

Let's start by taking a closer look at the guide now.

  • that they can help you get a well-behaved dog who will only go to the bathroom at the appropriate place
  • that even if your dog is older, you can use their book to potty train him or her effectively
  • that you will never have to worry about your dog’s mess when you leave your dog alone in the house.
  • and importantly, that it is possible to achieve all these within 7 days.

Quite a promise to make. I know, right.

Because as someone who's lived with an untrained dog before,

I can tell you that house training can be tricky.

You try all the things that you learn from professionals online and elsewhere and yet, at the end of the day, you wouldn't be able to make much progress with your dog.

So, I was baffled to hear someone make such bold claims.

And that's why I immediately took a closer look at the program to see exactly how it is.

So, what exactly is in this:;

Supposed magic panacea to potty training issues:

It's an easy to follow step by step guide and training techniques to help you properly housebreak your dog.

The guide is intended to help teach your dog how to potty the right way and prevent any annoying accidents around the home.

The methods taught in the book are generally force-free.

That is,

you do not have to use unacceptable techniques to get your puppy well behaved.

Before I take a deep dive into whether the guide is what the authors claimed it is,

I will like to take you through the things the guide requires you;

Must-haves for effective potty training.

As you are probably aware of:

Most gentle dog training techniques rely heavily on treats.

It is no surprising treats are the predominant rewards here.

So, you will need to have your treats ready before following the guide.

The authors also recommend that you get a dog leach. And some newspapers.

As you can see, following what's taught in the guide will not break your bank.

It will hardly make a dent.

So far so good.

We now know that the training methods are gentle. They won't piss you or your dog off.

We also know that you wouldn't need expensive training equipment to pull off the training.

Teach Your puppy how to potty


The most important question is: Does it work.

to answer this question,

Let's look at the face behind the e-book.

Truth is:

In today's world, a dog training technique could only be as good as the person teaching.

There are so many fake dog trainers outside there, you need to be selective in whom you follow.

I hate to break it to you:

But even some of the most well-known faces in the dog training sphere can be very misleading.

And unfortunately:

We do not know much about the supposed experts behind the House train any dog program.

All that we know is they are based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Not a good look for experts making these kinds of bold claims.


Does it mean you shouldn’t use the program?

Not really. You can still get something from a faceless guide.

As we have explained above, the guide seems sensible.

We like the fact that they are using gentle and force-free methods to help you potty train your dog.

And considering the price of the guide:

We would say that, if you are not too bothered about who exactly the authors are, then there is no harm in giving it a try.

But do not expect to house train any dog within a week. 

We are not saying it is impossible to have a well potty trained dog within a short time. It can be possible.

But you need to prepare for what's more likely:

that is, it can take beyond seven days to even achieve initial good results.

Let's me explain:

You see, potty training in the house is so tricky, it is easy to make mistakes. Especially if you are not a professional dog trainer.

It is only fair to give your puppy enough time to get everything right.

Should you get the program?

Before we answer this question:

Let us look at; 

The reasons why you can’t seem to potty train your puppy.

a dog sitting outside

Perhaps you could begin diagnosing your problem right from here:

Reasons why people fail at potty training of Dogs:

Lack of supervision in the house

If you leave your dog to do anything at all they want in your home,

Then you only have yourself to blame when he or she does any accidents around.

Control their environment. Restrict their access to certain places if you must.

If you are too busy to be constantly monitoring your dog, you can confine them to the only puppy poop friendly places in your home.

You do not want dogs to mess in your kitchen or living room.

Not maintaining a strict routine.

Dogs are smart. There's no question about that. But that does not mean you shouldn't take your time to train them adequately.

For example:

After playing a lot around in the house, take them outside for peeing.

It is also a good idea to always get them out of their crates and send them outside to do their business whenever you come from work.

Lack of outdoor supervision.

Do not just release your dog to the backyard and hope that he will pee or poop and run back. One too many dog owners do this.

Puppies have a very short attention span. They can easily get distracted.

You need to take him or her to the spot you want them to pee or poop, stand still without engaging them until they do their business.

If they don't, take them to their crate and send them outside again after some minutes and repeat the process.

Unrealistic expectations:

Do not expect dramatic changes in your dog in your early days of training.

Give them the time and as time goes on, they will even let you know when they want to go outside for the bathroom.

- And also, do not use unnecessary training puppy pads to train your dog. Learn more on site.

Back to our house train any dog review.

Our Verdict; C+

The techniques in the guide are safe for your dog - just as we advocate on our website. You could get decent results with it.

You do not have to use ancient training tricks on your dog.

We also like the fact that it comes with 60 days money-back guarantee.

So, there is no risk here. If you do not like it, you ask for your money back.

We are also quite intrigued by their bold claim that you could use 7 days to house train any dog. Why not take that challenge?

And the price they ask for is reasonable too.

Better Alternative:

If you are like many dog owners, who want more than just a guide, and will love a dog training program that comes with a membership area that has everything,

Then allow me to introduce you to brain training for dogs by Adrienne Farricelli.

This is one of the top-notch dog training programs put together by a well-known and respected dog trainer.

As a certified professional dog trainer, Adrienne has worked with lots of dog breeds.

Her program has been praised even by fellow dog training professionals.

It is a science-based training that can help you house train any dog.

Plus, the program comes with a forum where you can interact with fellow dog owners.

This offers you a great opportunity to learn more about your dog.

I have a detailed review of Adrienne Farricelli's brain training for dogs. Check it Out Here

In conclusion

If you are in for a simple guide that will not make any dent on your finances, then house train any dog could be good for you.

But if you are willing to spend about $47 on a more advanced and well-known training program that is easy to follow to train any dog, we highly recommend Brain training for dogs for you.

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