How To Get Your Dog To Listen To You

Let me be blunt with you right from the start; If your dog is disobeying your commands, then you haven’t done your work well. It is very likely the problem is not your dog. Let me explain; If you fail to properly train your dog and make sure you give the right commands to your dog, you will be … Read more

The Dominance Myth In Dog Training

For years, many dog owners followed the advice of mainstream dog trainers on how to control their pals. Unfortunately, most of them were told they needed to establish the mythical “dominance” over their dogs. Dominance here being the use of force or threats or punishments to get dogs to do whatever they wanted and behave appropriately. … Read more

Renowned Dog Training Experts

Here at, we talk about both dog training courses and dog trainers.  So, today we are putting Mr. Paul under our lensPaul OwensToday we are looking at the profile of one of the most trusted and reliable dog experts in the United States of America and of course around the globe- Paul Owens. He’s … Read more

FAQ National Geographic Dog Whisperer

In this post, we are going to discuss why should focus on effective and science-backed dog training methods as we explained already in our brain training for dogs review.Ready? Let’s goFollowing the airing of the “dog whisperer” on national geography around 2004, Cesar Milan became almost a household name among dog lovers. Many celebrated the migrant … Read more