Dog Training Secrets They Don't Want You to Know Review

dog training secrets they don't want you to know

Anthony Louis of the wonderabbar dog training program claims he has the solution to all your dog troubles.

He stated among other things that he could help you use JUST 3 hours to fix any undesirable problem in your dog.

And importantly, he will help you train your dog to listen to you every single time without treats.

Saying these are bold claims is an understatement.

To find out the truth about his claims and his dog training course, we have put together this Dog Training Secrets they don't want you to know review to help you make an informed decision on this seemingly great course.

Below, we will dive deep into all the important facets of the program to see whether it is worth the hype and price tag.

Ready? Let's, get the ball rolling then.

What's The Dog Training Secrets About:

As you already know,

Dog behavior problems such as aggression, excessive barking, chewing, biting, etc. are probably the main issues that prevent us from having great relationships with our dogs.

Apart from the fact that such behaviors are infuriating,

Badly behaved dogs can among other things:

  • land us into legal fines
  • chew up our valuables in the house
  • ingest poisonous substances that could cost us thousands of dollars for surgery and medical help.

-In short, having a dog who doesn't listen to you can make life difficult for you.

I do not want that. You do not want that.

The dog training secrets program is about helping you cure all the bad behaviors in your dog in record time.

Anthony uses what he calls the mother dog communication method to help you establish a trusted bond with your dog.

This communication trick is seemingly so powerful and effective, you could get your dog to listen to you any time anywhere.

And what's more?

There is no need to bribe the dog into obedience. You are taught a special form of praise to reward your dog.

Before looking at whether the course can really help you achieve that,

Let’s put the author under our microscope to see whether he is qualified to make the above astonishing claims:

Anthony Louis

Anthony Louis

Anthony Louis has been around for some time now.

He's been training dogs for more than 2 decades. He enjoys being called “The King of Dog Training”.

It is fair to say Anthony is a home trained puppy and dog trainer. He learned his methods from his grandfather on his dog's farm.

The way mother dogs interact with their puppies caught his attention. So, he dedicated several hours of his time to understanding this relationship.

His training philosophy is based on this natural interaction between mothers and their puppies.

Anthony is mostly known for eliminating what he calls life-threatening behaviors in dogs.

He also prides himself on achieving results within short periods of time. Especially when other dog training professionals failed after trying for several months.

Structure of the Dog Training Secrets Course

First of all, it is a video course.

And this is good.

You learn much better. Unlike other dog training programs that just hand you a pdf guide and leave you to yourself to figure out everything without help.

You will get at least 11 videos from the program.

First two videos will help you develop the right mentality and you will also learn about materials you will need for achieving success with the dog training secrets.

The next three videos are the main exercise videos: These exercises will transform your dog. Almost overnight. He will listen to you and it is even possible to have him off-leash within a week.

His 6th video will teach you Anthony's preferred way of rewarding puppies. He claims you will never resort to treats again.

And talking of treats, you should know that the thing about treats is that if care is not taken, a dog can easily interpret it as a bribe.

When your dog starts seeing your rewards or treats for that matter as a bribe, you will be found wanting in delicate situations. You wouldn't be able to command your dog without a treat in hand

The 7th ad 8th videos that follow focus on getting rid of aggression and related behavioral issues.

You will learn how you could use peripheral vision and scent to calm down your dog. And even if your dog is excessively aggressive, you could train it to behave properly within days with these techniques.

You also get a bonus video on potty training. Another matter that makes dog owners search all over the internet for answers.

The 11th video is a case study. Here, you will see how the dog training secrets techniques you are taught have been used to achieve success in real life.

And that's not all,

There is one on one support included in the training package. This is huge. You have the opportunity to receive specific answers to your unique questions.

Well, all seem great to this point:


Should You Buy the dog training Secrets program:

a dog playing football outside

The issue of dog training can be very complex.

Not least because calling in the professional dog trainer can be very expensive.

Attending local classes doesn't always provide value for money and time. Especially if you have a tight schedule.

In addition to the above, most dog training classes see you as a mere customer rather than someone who needs urgent help.

They design the program in a way that makes you a customer for life. You may never be able to break free from them.

And that's why online dog training courses are so popular these days.

You can learn at your own pace and importantly, you become a good dog trainer yourself capable of training a variety of dogs at the end of the day.

Meaning you could always use the knowledge you learn and apply it in similar situations without needing further training.

To answer the question as to whether you should buy the dog training Secrets program;

I would say this:

If your dog is too disobedient and wouldn't listen to you no matter how hard you try or If you are afraid your dog problems will only become worse over time.

Then I urge you to try the dog training Secrets program.


I like how straightforward the course is. There isn't a fluff. It is packed with actionable techniques you could use right away.


I will caution you to have realistic expectations when you purchase this training secret program.

Yes, you could get amazing results within days.

But know that dog training can take time. Every dog is different. You must factor in these when you set out to correct the behavior problem in your dog.

Especially if your dog is over a year. You may need to, first of all, reprogram him or her. Anthony teaches you that in the support.

Puppies under a year are generally easier to transform.

Pros And Cons of the Dog training Secrets program


  • it is easy to follow. The presentation in the videos is clear.
  • The training secretes help your dog become independent of treats. Yes, treats can work wonders. But having a dog who will do what you want only when you are waving treats in his or her face is not ideal.
  • What you learn stays with you forever. Meaning you will not need to take dog training courses every time you have a dog to train
  • the author tries to mimic the natural world of dogs.
  • There is one on one support.You can ask for a customized training solution through this.
  • It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. I always like money-back guarantee when I purchase online courses. At least I can test things without risk.If the program isn't a fit for you, you can always ask for a refund.


  • Since it is a digital course, it means that you have to do the work yourself. And that means that you have to be patient.You may have to try severally before you master the training secretes.
  • I am a big fan of professionally certified dog trainers. After digging deep, I couldn't find out if Anthony is a certified dog trainer or not.But not to take anything from him, he seems to be doing fine. Many people like his training and have had great success with it.It just that I feel more comfortable working with professionally certified trainers.

In Conclusion;

Having a dog who pulls the leash every time, or chew things indiscriminately or digs always or is overly aggressive is not cool.

It could cause you a lot. You need to find a solution for it right now.

The dog training Secrets they don't want you to know could be a great help in this regard.

At the end of the course, you should be able to train your dog to respond positively any time you call without having to bribe him or her

An alternative to Dog training Secrets

My all-time favorite dog training program though is Adrienne Farricelli's brain training for dogs.

It is the ultimate online dog training material. In my opinion of course.

It is very comprehensive and comes with all the things you should need to be able to make your dog intelligent and obedient.

She uses the theory of neuroplasticity to make dogs smarter and well behaved.

The program has a forum where you can meet like-minded individuals.

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