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So, today we are putting Mr. Paul under our lens

Paul Owens

Today we are looking at the profile of one of the most trusted and reliable dog experts in the United States of America and of course around the globe- Paul Owens. He’s been described as the original dog whisperer by many of his peers in the dog training industry.

Paul has been around for so long. It is almost difficult to ignore the roles he’s played in the world of dog training and behavior correction. He started his training way back in 1972. And since then he’s written several books and produced epic contents on dog training.

Author on Dog Training

He’s the author of the then selling book: The Dog Whisperer: A compassionate Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training. This book was sold over 300000 copies across the globe. The Whole Dog journal rated it as “classic”. It was such a hit.

He also wrote The Puppy Whisperer.  This one also did reasonably well.  Another great book to his name is The Dog whisperer Presents: Good habits for great dogs.

He’s done some video programs as well. He produced the Dog whisperer DVD. Both volumes 1 and 2. In the APDT Newsletter: Chronicle of the Dog, this work was described as “the best DVD on basic training of pets for the pet owner”

Journey To Better Training Concepts

What’s quite fascinating about Paul is that he’s evolved over the past years with regards to how he trains dogs. In the past, as he has admitted in interviews, he used both negative and positive training.  But as he became enlightened about the drawbacks of negative methods, he quickly abandoned them and focused exclusively on positive training.  He even criticized other trainers for their tactics.

This almost sent him to the front of the queue. Leaving behind the experts who refused to evolve. He’s been hailed as the leading voice for positive, Nonviolent animal training.  And that is basically his philosophy.

He believes that humans must strive to create a positive relationship between themselves and their dogs to create a very peaceful world worthy of living for both humans and dogs.

He never hesitated to speak out against some of the outdated methods that were promised in the Dog whisperer show on the national geography channel

He also dispelled the myth of dominance in dog training in a lengthy post.  In the said post he meticulously explained what the real dominance means and how we can seize the incredibly terrific opportunities it presents us to properly and comfortably train our dogs.

Still In The Game

It is refreshing to know that such a heavyweight in the dog training arena is still around even to this day.  And no, he isn’t retired yet. He still actively gives interviews and teaches his much-celebrated methods to people.

We say to Paul Owens, thanks for the good work.  keep it man. You got it.

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